South Korea’s Newest Cryptocurrency Officially Launches

Are you ready for South Korea’s newest cryptocurrency?


We are aware of the many cryptocurrencies circling the cryptomarket. Others stay strong while others come and go. South Korea has launched its newest currency from dnet and is making waves already.


What is Decenternet?


Decenternet or dnet for short is the most prevailing full-fledged hyper-speed P2P decentralized internet infrastructure solution that can be developed by blockchain. Data on dnet can be scoured and recovered by the Decenternet Liberty search engine.


Dnet Blockchain Technology


Anuvys is dnet’s native default blockchain operating system. Through it, users can maximize Spyce mining capability and experience with the dnet’s raw speed and security. Anuvys OS is going to be available at no charge. Similar to other dnet core asset, its establishment and growth are self-sustained by a portion of Spyce mining operations throughout the globe.


Anuvys is a Linux-based OS that is built with a perceptive user-friendly User Interface. It is packed with a complete array of powerful Linux apps, like Steam and LibreOffice. It is not overstuffed with consistent obligatory hidden junkware messages and surveillance regulations that restart the computer and pile junk at startup. It enables users to rethink the internet infrastructure and take back the freedom to communicate freely online.


Dnet Domestic Currency


All of the financial activity on the dnet is managed in Spyce which obtainable by way of domestic mining. Spyce is dnet’s appreciating currency and can be interchanged with some of the major digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS. This eradicates the necessity for irrelevant competition among major cryptocurrencies.


Spyce is the substance of all dnet’s trade and commerce. It can be used to buy goods, apps, hosting services and even process micropayments worry-free. The Spyce economy is naturally self-sufficient and constructive unlike the traditional fiat currency which prone to inflation and depletion.


Dnet Believes in Net Neutrality


Dnet will counteract the repel efforts that will restrict the internet user’s fundamental rights and freedom through the adoption of technology, rather than qualm, aggression, and diversification. Net neutrality means an internet that allows and defends free speech.



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