The Latest City To Join The Dispute For Net Neutrality

New York is the latest and 12th city to declare to make use of their local jurisdiction in the preservation of net neutrality.

New York mayor Bill de Blasio along with the other 11 city mayors endorsed a covenant to do in their authority to push big broadband servers to maintain the net neutrality rules. The other cities inking the deal consist of Austin, Baltimore, Oregon, Portland, and Baltimore. New York intends to review its broadband deals as well as Wi-fi partnerships to ensure that the ISPs comply with the guidelines.

According to NY Mayor de Blasio, the lone reason why net neutrality has vanished is due to corporate voracity. To support net neutrality, the city will knock large firms in their only circumstance where they could feel it in their profit.

An accord was held on Sunday at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive in Austin attended by the 11 cities. In the course of the discussion, de Blasio unveiled a website called “” It is a website where residents can advocate their own mayors to sign on as “net neutrality cities.”

New York will procure their own internet service from corporations that do not impede or hold back specific sites. It will not also tolerate ISPs that allow faster traffic to sites in exchange for higher a payment. Additionally, the city will make certain that public Wi-fi networks provide service that complies with the net neutrality rules.

It would be a good move not to purchase internet service from ISPs that do not abide by the net neutrality rules. This could force them to comply if they still wish to generate profit. However, there are other ways that we can show our support without aggression, qualms, or embarkation with the use of technology.

Without net neutrality, ISPs will overtake what we see and do online losing our privacy and freedom. We can still achieve net neutrality and preserve our rights to communicate freely online. There is still an internet that capacitates and fosters free speech.



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