Prediction Market Makes Huge Impact on Blockchain Industries

Stox, a prediction market platform, is making an impact on blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

Stox, one of the ICOs promoted by Floyd Mayweather, is an Ethereum ecosystem-based platform powered by blockchain technology where anyone can commerce the outcome of any conceivable category like sports, showbiz, election results, and even the weather conditions.

Although one might think the word Stox was derived from the familiar word that focuses on the stock markets, that is not the case. Rather, it will serve as an open-source prediction market where users can make their own predictions.

The platform aims at the prevailing market and grant investors to influence their knowledge and accrues from prediction events.  

Now that users can engage in all event conclusions they are interested in, there is a kaleidoscopic future for prediction markets as a whole. Tapping into the “wisdom of the crowd” to ask questions and predict is like having your personal crystal ball, so to speak.

Not forgetting the end goal for Stox is to create the leading decentralized prediction market powered by open source technology.

Of course, any self-esteemed blockchain ecosystem should create its own currency. Thus, STX cryptocurrency will be in play for all prediction market-related activities on the network.

The realization of its use is yet to materialize once the prediction market and its associated app are distributed to the public. In the meantime, STX, being an asset as an investment vehicle and conjecture.

The roadmap ahead has been plotted focusing on marketing and improving the comprehensive platform.

Q1 2018 marks the third phase focusing on management, implementation, and integration of version 1 together with knowing your customers.

A beta version will be released second quarter of this year, inviting users to test the platform and app implementations.

Q3 will be the first phase of the live product launch and also consolidate, a forex and CFD broker, as the first provider by inviting all end-users to the platform.

Anticipating by the end of the year, we will witness the first version go live on mobile, together with the standalone application that will allow a fully decentralized prediction market service.



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