Broadband Servers Ask ‘Fair’ Favor To Congress

After fussing about the “unfairness” of the states and cities passing and endorsing their own laws to protect net neutrality, broadband servers are now pleading the Congress to make the repeal stronger.

Last week, broadband servers made a fuss about the bill legislation and executive orders released by some states. Added to that are the lawsuits filed by state attorneys general and the coalition organized by different states not to procure services from ISPs that do not comply with net neutrality.

Now, these giant ISPs including Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T to name a few are pleading the Congress to make the net neutrality repeal stronger. The Washington State’s net neutrality law could have already impaired broadband servers even before the repeal has taken into effect.

The FCC published its decision in the Federal Register and was given 60 days from the date of publishing to implement as long as there are no formal challenges.  However, a series of bills legislation and executive orders not to mention the filed cases could delay or even abolish the repeal.

Granted that we need internet but the internet should empower and protect our free speech. We believe that net neutrality is the internet’s guiding principle that perpetuates our rights to communicate online without the fear and worry of being surveilled.

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Now that Washington State has become the first state to legislate its own neutrality bill, California has endorsed a law in an attempt to do the similar thing. If California Democrat Senate Scott Wiener’s bill is passed, the public bodies’ are prohibited from purchasing fixed or mobile internet services. This is especially from broadband servers that employ blocking, paid prioritization, or throttling.




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