More U.S. States Start Fighting For Net Neutrality

The Washington State started the resistance against the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality, and more states are now following suit.

California has proposed a petition this week to protect net neutrality rules in the state. The draft moves further the preservations that Ajit Pai and his agency tried to reverse. This is also one of the ways to maintain the rules.

Activist group Fight for the Future has recorded endeavors from 35 states along with the District of Colombia. This also includes the bills that await considerations and executive orders. The efforts to keep net neutrality rules come in different schemes.

Alaska has also followed other states to create the nation’s executive order. Lawmakers are retaliating the federal repeal with two charters pursuing to the Legislature. It would hold off  ISPs in Alaska from delaying or stalling access to whichever legitimate websites they prefer and disallow paid prioritization of specific sites.

According to civil liberties group, net neutrality is vital to preserve free speech online, promote vicissitude, and administer equal treatment to data from other sites. Alaska’s telecom industry, on the other hand, contradicts the regulation and asserts that it ought to be a federal matter.

The group is indeed correct because net neutrality is an internet that sanction and protect free speech. Since it is the internet’s guiding principle, it preserves our rights and gives us the freedom to communicate freely online.

Dnet can provide people the net neutrality they are looking for.  While using it, the contents or applications will not be blocked or get discriminated just like what other networks do. Your online access will not be slowed down or delayed. Every users’ access is prioritized without having to pay additional charges.

Without net neutrality, ISPs will have the authority to interfere and control our activities online. They will limit the sites that you could access and could slow down or speed up your internet in return for extra charges.





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