Former FTC Director Supports Comcast’s Oppose Open Internet Order

Former FTC director Jon Leibowitz lobbies for Comcast to fight the Open Internet Order.

He might be a privacy counsel but allocated the previous years campaigning for Comcast against the Open Internet Order along with the preservation of privacy for broadband consumers. As a Comcast lobbyist under the David Polk law firm, he is supporting the said broadband network, Facebook, and Google to collaborate. This is to invalidate the broadband privacy protections authorized by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in California.

Additionally, he is trying to eradicate Open Internet Order endeavors in Massachusetts. Leibowitz has been echoing the absolutely deceitful ISP allegation that the FCC’s net neutrality rules annihilated broadband network capital spending in one way or another.

The EFF sustains the legislation and will do everything to guarantee that California fosters the most probable in-depth way to preserve the Open Internet Order. This will dole out as an exemplar to other states.

The foundation is quite dubious of the legitimate plans of the states directly delegating network neutrality with no basis in traditional uses of state authority over the ISP sector. Some high-profile legal intellects in the telecom industry are certain that states can accomplish it even without the federal law.

If all of the three California recommended bills (AB 1999, SB 460, and SB 822) are passed, it will restore the Open Internet Order, add some, and help establish more ISP selection.

Without net neutrality, users will have difficulties accessing the usual websites that they visit. But with Decenternet, users will have simultaneous boundless access to the decentralized web and traditional websites such as Facebook and Google.

Consumers can freely interconnect online with the worries of getting spied on. The Decenternet connection is absolutely stable and has no chances of slowing over time.  It does not account for anything or anyone and will not disseminate personal information without consent.

At Decenternet, there is no room for blocking, throttling, or paid prioritization. Users can still achieve net neutrality and their free speech will be empowered.


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