ARPANET Officially Announces Support For Decenternet

A letter of support to the start-up, Decenternet Project.

San Francisco – May 8th 2018. ARPANET Foundation its compromised, since its beginnings, to give support to start-up, social projects, and general initiatives aligned to its vision. In this occasion, the foundation has decided to express its support to the vision and ongoing work of the Decenternet project (, also called Dnet.

According to Sean Kim, the founder and CEO of Decenternet:

“Dnet architecture provides a software-defined solution that adds more default transparency, ownership of data to its users, elimination of profit extortion by intermediaries, the proliferation of suppressed knowledge by inducing a default open source environment for its components such as search engines and OS”.

This early stage project promises to put together a diverse set of decentralized technologies that would enable to set up an international, autonomous, and not business controlled infrastructure inspired by the cryptocurrencies model and blockchain technologies. ARPANET understands this effort as a potential reborn of its main fundamental ideas, now fueled by a self-organized incentives system. Decenternet is based in South Korea but is already getting to know around the world.

Scientific and open source communities are being engaged by Dr. Iacomella, the Academic Leader of Dnet and a worldwide recognized figure in openness and P2P topics, expressed:

“We are already working towards an open-sourced infrastructure and community building process in order to establish it as an international open standard to enable the next generation of decentralized networks to serve as a communal humanity resource”.

ARPANET seeks to help to build International Networks inspired by its foundational values and shares the words of Decenternet’s CEO about the importance of “the materialization of prosperity and stability as a basic human right without using violence or politics.”

Access plain text version of this press release here.


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