Massive Power Of Decentralization That Everyone Needs To Know

The power of decentralization will soon unfold, and everyone will get the chance to witness as it happens right inside your home.

In this fast-changing world where innovation always brings new systems on the table, there’s no wonder how much people, even big-time investors from different industries, become more interested in the technology within blockchain.

Blockchain started as the technology behind the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. During the younger years of Bitcoin, people were skeptical about its existence and its purpose. People doubted its credibility as it was being dubbed as a virtual currency which only a few have heard about. Being new to the people’s understanding, Bitcoin wasn’t able to get the people’s serious interest. Some people started thinking that it was just one of the scam businesses and is just a fad which soon will just fade away But, Bitcoin proved them wrong.

Years have gone by since its creation in 2009, and Bitcoin has successfully proven its resiliency to the masses throughout those years. Despite being known as a volatile virtual asset, Bitcoin’s incredible price increase in the past two years has piqued the interest of the crowd. Around the fourth quarter of 2016, Bitcoin was valued at around $800. After a few months later, Bitcoin recorded incredible high prices ranging from $15,000 to more than $20,000.


© Bitcoin price index from January 2016 to April 2018 (in U.S. dollars)

Multinational companies from different industries like Overstock, Subway, and Shopify,  started showing their interest towards Bitcoin. And not only on Bitcoin, but the technology behind it, which is blockchain, has also become the talk of the town due to its proven power in making decentralization possible.

Decentralization was once a luxury, now, people already consider it as a commodity which every individual should have enjoyed and possessed ever since humans existed on this planet. Unfortunately, this is not what’s happening in today’s so-called reality. With the emergence of the blockchain technology, it has awakened the consciousness of people, helping them truly understand the real meaning behind the word “freedom.”

This is one of the reasons why people started investing their time, interest, and effort in getting to know cryptocurrencies and blockchain. As people from around the world started participating in cryptocurrency related activities such as crypto mining and crypto investments, other people and industries’ interests are more leaning towards the innovation of blockchain which brings decentralization to the world.

Now, living in a centralized world yet being introduced to the essence of decentralization, people already get to see the significant difference between a centralized and decentralized system. People get to witness what makes a decentralized structure far more open for innovation, growth, and development, than of a centralized structure where there is neglecting of capabilities, and limited space for growth.

In this digital era where everything is just a click away could deceive everyone that freedom is just on our fingertip, but the truth is, everything that you see on a centralized system is meant for you to see. Note that on a centralized internet infrastructure, third parties get the authority to let people see what the authorities want them to see and what’s not to see. However, in a decentralized infrastructure, people get to experience a life that is unbound by politics and oppression. In a decentralized structure, only you can decide how you want your data to be used and shared.

As blockchain becomes more popular, and will even become bigger in the following years, it is expected that a lot of blockchain projects will emerge that would bring revolutionary change to the structure of life that all of us have been introduced to even before the existence and application of blockchain.

Especially in the internet world, as it becomes a hot topic right now due to the net neutrality repeal discussion in America and breach of data which is a major social media issue right now in Europe, revealed the loopholes of centralized structure, bringing the need for decentralization on the table.

Back to the fuel behind Bitcoin’s success, people saw the independence of Bitcoin. They saw how independent it is which makes them able to independently participate in Bitcoin mining and investing. As the years went by, people started embracing the purpose and mission of Bitcoin, making it the most successful cryptocurrency in history.

This brings the same scenario to the demand for decentralized internet infrastructure. As more issues emerge tackling the manipulation of internet usage, it will eventually lead more people to seek for a decentralized internet infrastructure like Decenternet. When more people start to see how much a decentralized internet infrastructure could give them in terms of security and privacy, then decentralization would take over and centralized structure will just become a thing of the past.


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